Tuesday, November 27

Current's views of a bridges belly

We will never be the same she said, tears welling up.And I thought she must really think of me as a good friend..Fronting a bottle of my favorite perfume tucked in a red ribbon she climbed on my bike for what was going to be the last time. " Why would things ever change ?" said I, nonchalant as ever. We rode through the buzzing Bombay streets, unaware of the drone, the drone that most of us had gotten used to and unconsciously tuned out.
I got her mail 5 months back. Said she was getting married and she likes the guy her folks found for her. Yet she went on an on about all the times we had shared. She was my friends girlfriend once. We had gone out on several double dates. Even when our relationships ended we would meet once in a couple of months , over a late night chai or to exchange some notes. Today I got her wedding pictures. And the only thought that came to my mind was "I should have married her ... atleast asked her out"
All the times you called me to meet and I made silly excuses, all those time you called out of the blue, all the times we chatted about everything under the sun and yet you held something back.... I'm sorry!

little did I know
that you were all I needed

little did I see

until you opened up my eyes

little did I know
that one prayer could reach you
little did I know that you even cared

For dreams , times and what might have been...
Little did know little did I

Wednesday, April 11

5 Love languages

Over a chinese buffet
L: Hey... do you know about the 5 love languages
Me: Uhhh... Nope.. Shoot!
L : According to this book I read , there are 5 ways
* Words of Affirmation, when you say stuff,
* Quality Time, doing things together... undivided attention.blah blah
* Gifts, due to appreciation or just because
Me: He he... Hell! we call the 3rd materilistic...
> L gives out a I'll-Melt-U-with-my-eye-beams-glare, and then proceeds<
L : * Acts of Service : pick her up from the airport, doing stuff for the other person
* Physical Touch : holding hands,hugs,the whole 9 yards...
L : Why Do you have the silly smirk on your face...mister
Me: Naah! just figured out the perfect way for 5 luv languages made for a guy
L : what is it now ?
Me:P a service, touches you, could be a gift, and that time we spend sure has quality written all over it... Scoreee!! For the chatty LAP DANCERS! The pro's of LOooouew Language

PS: L or Laureen, She is my weird li'l friend,really really warm & confused buddy.For one she is always politically correct....even during a tet -a tet with closest of friends.I've seen her literally choke when having to use nigger or any other terms of color. But its fun to be around her, to see her going through her perpetual Quartert life crisis

Sunday, April 8

Easter and Lent that followed

Things done this weekend...
Saturday :
  1. Sleep...
  2. Strawberries n chocolate was tried out.. the original whipped cream combo works better(Sil was wrong :) )
  3. Some more sleep(Encore performance is always fun)
  4. Friend frm jersey (J)called... he had emailed photos...
  5. Checked photos... blood curdling , bone chilling screams were heard by my neighbours... My dear loveable bastud of a friend had sent me pictures of three mouth watering dishes that they had made for easter... Totally Jalao'd my ass... Duckin Ficks!
  6. Went to penn masala concert... those boys sure can croon. Wish there were some pretty girls tho'
  7. Chilled out at the grogg house... No money to buy anything... friend brought a bottomless pitcher. Helped him find the bottom...well sorta'
  8. Came home....temperature dropped past 0 degrees in the night... had fun bundling up in blanky ...hands under bum et al
  1. Woke up early today...
  2. Actually friends bugged the hell out of me n woke me up
  3. Went to Affirmation of faith and fellowship for easter service . Lots of fun in these black churches... total entertainment with some nimble things doing their dances, kids doing skits, and a new minister who gave an interesting sermon.. who was real goood( so they say)
  4. Service involved hugging a lot of strangers n saying I love you to people you didn't know... With my luck, I was surrounded by Guys n old ladies..On second thoughts , even though it was weird with the guys ,the old ladies n and one PYT's made it fun .
  5. Came out couple of hours later.... feeling nice n happy .. and famished
  6. Hunted for a Thai place.. couldn't find one...settled for Chinese buffet
  7. lots of fish.. general chicken , teriyaki chicken... had 2 servings of desserts..shouldn't have had the second one.. could barely move
  8. Rolled out of there into the car.. went on a loooooong drive
  9. Just got back home.. got to do homework now.. so gonna take a nap first n then go to library...
  10. O yea.. gave up orkut till the month end.. wanna see what else i can do with all that wasted time n flirting...
  11. Will delete this crappy post in a bit.. but till then
To good food and funky company , doing it the Danish way...Bunden i vejret eller resten i håret

Saturday, April 7

Fallen Angel

I recently figured out that I had been terribly smitten by someone I met on-line. Though I had earlier planned to fall for a doctor or architect , well some one who has an equally hectic professional life and understands what work load is all about.... I seem to have gone in for a teacher. Man , she sure can flavour my dreams n those daylight flights when there is a really boring class going on :P In reality , I am on the exact opposite end of the world and hence cant even wine or dine her. So gonna leave this one for destiny...But I have nicely worked out a rationalization for choosing a teacher.. Wanna hear it..

Well, ON PAPER: Remove the glasses, let down the hair and this stodgy intellectual turns into a sexually charged minx with strict discipline and perfect punctuation whatever the hell that means
BUT IN REALITY : The reason our parents never had sex is because they were too exhausted from corralling us all day long. Multiply that feeling by twenty five (or 40 as in some Indian schools) and that's how non-existent this chick's libido ill be on any given school night. Everything said n done , she outghta put up with the brat in me I guess.

Here's Michael Hutchenche reminding me soo much of you curls
To filling my heart & warming thoughts...Slainte!

Sunday, March 18

Things I would've changed

"The tie , if I might suggest it, sir, a shade more tightly knotted. One aims at the perfect butterfly effect. If you will permit me-"
"What does it matter, Jeeves, at a time like this? Do you realise that Mr. Little's domestic happiness is hanging on the scale?"
"There is no time , sir, at which ties do not matter."
-Very good , Jeeves! P.G.Wodehouse

Tried a new thing for a while...STOP REFLECTING ,STOP THINKING, GO WITH THE FLOW!! Didn't look back....just kept hitting myself with one target after another.

Well for most bit it worked,I got my work done. I just postponed bunch of things that mattered but on the other side of the scales- I got excellent grades.

But, today at the last day of spring break...here in my balcony , looking at the stars I wonder do people remember the stars and the skies? Or do they remember the times they looked at them and the times when ...
There are millions of blazing starts.. burning themselves up... but does it really matter.The past 4 months have been a complete blur to me. Sure I have a bunch of photographs to tell where I had gone, but I really don't seem to have memories, of contexts, people, so called magic moments in life... didnt even notice a single one of them! Which leads me to believe the time spent was total utter hogwash!!

Lemme take an another shot at it.. with both the new and the old ways.
Here's to the holding on during blazes of glory ...Salut'